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For years, concrete was considered a dull, unimpressive flooring surface, which meant many people did not consider it for their flooring. 


Nowadays, this is not the case, as modern processes have made concrete easy and affordable to customize. Many people are surprised at the durability and style that concrete can achieve.


Thanks to concrete staining processes, business owners can transform their interior and exterior concrete into a beautiful, reflective surface. 

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Floors

One of the first aspects people notice of stained concrete is how vibrant it is. The rich color is achieved by profoundly staining the concrete so it will not peel or flake. This process allows the concrete to keep its beautiful new color without the risk of it fading over time. 

Makes Floors Glossy

Since this process impacts all the layers of the concrete, it can achieve a glossy, polished appearance. This thorough process allows the concrete to look better than when new, giving older concrete new life.


When coupled with concrete polishing, concrete polishing can give floors a sleek, smooth luster. This luster makes a room appear much larger than it initially seems, which is a great way to maximize a building’s space. 

Makes Floors Durable

Concrete staining is an excellent way to get extra durability out of concrete, as a concrete professional can apply it to any concrete surface.


Since concrete staining is a process that takes place deep within the concrete, the color and luster can last. These elements become part of the concrete as they seep through its many layers. Since the stain is so thorough, it allows concrete to retain its unique shine for years to come.

Cheaper Than Replacement

Many people view concrete polishing as an economical alternative to replacing the concrete entirely. The process helps keep concrete durable and versatile, allowing the floor to look newer and shinier, no matter how many people use it.

Types of Decorative Concrete Floors

Here at Pro Concrete Design, we have over 30 years of concrete staining and polishing expertise. Our team of concrete experts is here to revitalize any homeowner’s floors, which is why we offer two comprehensive concrete staining methods for all of our clients. 

Here are the two types of concrete staining our team offers:
  • Acid staining 

  • Pigmented staining

We’ve broken down these two different types of concrete stains below:

Acid Stains

Acid staining is a concrete coloring and staining process that causes a chemical reaction with any cement materials. This chemical allows the concrete to become highly durable, fade-resistant, and unique. 


This process is very popular with our customers, as homeowners can use them in indoor and outdoor spaces. Typically, however, most clients use this process when they strip an area of the carpet. 


Another reason this process is so possible with our clients is the infinite number of color effects possible after using it. The chemical reaction with the concrete creates some truly unique designs, which have allowed business owners to maximize their indoor or outdoor spaces. 


Acid staining gives concrete a variegated, marble-like appearance at a fraction of the cost of natural marble. This cost-saving technique is a huge reason why business owners have chosen to invest in durable concrete rather than fragile marble for their flooring.

Pigmented Stains

This type of stain does not fade, peel, or flake, as it forms a permanent bond with concrete. This process allows concrete to maintain its beautiful, bright luster for years to come. 


Many people prefer this method on their driveways, walkways, and garages, but a concrete professional can also apply it to indoor spaces. 


Since this type of floor is abrasion-resistant, they are ideal for exterior and interior surfaces. Pigmented stains are an excellent way for home or business owners to get the most out of their concrete floors, all while ensuring they retain their durability. 

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If you’re looking for quality concrete staining services, then look no further than Pro Concrete Design. We offer quality commercial and polished industrial concrete and concrete staining services to our clients. 


We have 30 years of concrete staining and polishing experience, driving our business since we opened in 2005. 


We would love to bring our superior craft to your stained concrete project. If you have any questions or are interested in any of our services, please call us at 913-302-0660 or email us. Connect with us on LinkedIn as well for updates about our Business! We look forward to helping strengthen your concrete floors!

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