Past Projects

Fleet Farms - IA

200,000 sq. ft. in under 10 days.

Utilizing the latest in Polishing Technology, Pro Concrete Design effectively met all metered requirements in less than allocated time. 



Ashford Formula - Certified Installers

Even with Sealed Concrete, expertise is a must…many a painter has found out the hard way that not all sealers are the same!

Decorative, Performance-Driven Flooring is Pro Concrete Design’s Mission to Customers.

Download the Ashford brochure here.

Sealed Concrete

Troweled - Decorative Quartz Floors & Walls

Belton High School MO – 20,000 sq. ft. of Troweled Decorative Quartz Floors & Walls

Pro Concrete Design has teamed up with industry leaders in epoxies, polyurethanes; and graphic design to provide you with the most advanced floor coatings available.  This includes training our crews to perform the most up-to-date and sought after finishes.


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