Past Projects - Commercial Flooring Near Kansas City

Fleet Farms - IA

200,000 sq. ft. in under 10 days.

Utilizing the latest in Polishing Technology, Pro Concrete Design effectively met all metered requirements in less than allocated time (commercial flooring Near Kansas City job). 


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Ashford Formula - Certified Installers

Even with Sealed Concrete, expertise is a must…many a painter has found out the hard way that not all sealers are the same!

Decorative, Performance-Driven Flooring is Pro Concrete Design’s Mission to customers of our commercial flooring.

Download the Ashford brochure here.

Or feel free to visit Ashford Formula’s website.

Sealed Concrete

Troweled - Decorative Quartz Floors & Walls

Belton High School MO – 20,000 sq. ft. of Troweled Decorative Quartz Floors & Walls

Pro Concrete Design has teamed up with industry leaders in epoxies, polyurethanes; and graphic design to provide you with the most advanced floor coatings available.  This includes training our crews to perform the most up-to-date and sought after finishes.

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