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Concrete Floor Polishing Services

Concrete floor polishing is a great way to turn ordinary concrete into a durable, glossy surface. Many businesses & industrial areas prefer this type of flooring since it is easy to clean and highly durable. Polished concrete is instrumental in high-traffic areas, where it protects the concrete surface from heavy equipment and regular foot traffic.

Pro Concrete Design offers a variety of services for concrete floor polishing for our clients. We understand that concrete polishing can turn an ordinary floor into an extraordinary one. We work directly with our clients to ensure a clean, durable floor that meets their needs.

What is Concrete Floor Polishing?

Polished concrete is a highly specialized technique that can help transform concrete floors into ornate, durable surfaces. This type of flooring is popular in residential areas, gyms, warehouses, and more.

Here are just a few places that use this type of flooring:
  • Garages
  • Gyms
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Grocery Stores
  • Malls
  • And more!

Of course, any concrete floor can benefit from this incredible type of flooring. Our team can help turn any client’s floor into a durable, glossy surface with the proper tools and equipment.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete floor polishing adds additional strength to a floor, allowing its finish to resist wear for years. This additional strength adds extra life to concrete, allowing a business owner to get the most out of their floor.

In industrial settings, a polished floor is necessary due to heavy equipment and foot traffic.

Our clients have reported many benefits to their polished concrete floors, including:

  • Low to no maintenance
  • No waxing and stripping
  • Increased strength
  • High durability
  • Fire-resistant qualities
  • Aesthetic beauty without topical coating
  • Low installation costs
  • Years of usage
  • And more!

Our team is happy to help clients get the most out of their flooring. We understand that concrete is a highly durable alternative to traditional flooring, further brought out by an effective polishing job. Our team has significant experience with concrete grinding and polishing, which has helped us satisfy clients across the United States.

How Concrete Polishing Improves Durability

The used metal and resin-bond diamonds for concrete surface preparation and polishing have dramatically increased durability over the years.

Pro Concrete Design uses diamond grinders and polishers, which give floors a glossy sheen. This sheen protects the floors, preventing surface dusting and forklift tire marks.

This type of flooring can withstand heavy machinery and equipment, allowing floors to continue looking clean and sleek.

The Concrete Grinding & Polishing Process

Grinding and polishing concrete removes the first several millimeters of concrete, exposing the aggregate. This aggregate is shiny and smooth in appearance, allowing business owners to get the most out of their concrete without applying heavy acrylics.

Before concrete floor polishing, business owners had to use heavy acrylics, which required significant stripping and buffing. These materials were scuffed easily, which made floors look uneven and dirty.

Concrete polishing eliminates the need for acrylic application, allowing business owners to remove the weak upper layer of concrete to take advantage of the strong aggregate.

How It Works

Concrete can gain a sleek, polished look with the help of a diamond grinder. The diamond grinder breaks down aggregate material until it is finely graded, which gives the concrete a sleek, airy finish.

After the aggregate material grinds down, our team polishes it. There are two different ways to polish concrete, wet and dry methods.

Here are the differences between these two methods:


Water cools the surface, which acts as a lubricant for the polish. Concrete experts remove dust from the flooring, which gives the concrete a light, airy look.

The primary disadvantage to this method is the amount of waste it leaves behind. Concrete floor polishing crews must pick up this additional waste, which takes extra time and money.


Dry polishing does not utilize water, which does not leave a waste product behind after being completed. Instead, crews utilize a machine that gets rid of excess dust while polishing the floor as well.

Due to the comparative ease of this method, it is the most common way that concrete specialists polish floors. This method is also helpful for teams that are looking to reduce environmental impact and cleanup time.

Concrete Floor Polishing With Pro Concrete Design

Contrary to popular belief, concrete polishing is not an easy process. Many business owners think that it is simple enough to perform independently. In reality, this process should occur with the help of a team. A team ensures that the job goes smoothly, allowing business owners to turn their rough, dirty, or worn concrete into a sleek, durable surface.

Pro Concrete Design has over 30 years of concrete polishing experience. Our team works hard to ensure that our clients have the beautiful, polished floors they need.

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We have 30 years of polished concrete and resinous flooring installation experience, driving our business since we opened in 2005.

We would love to bring our superior craft to your polished concrete project. If you have any questions or are interested in our services, please call us at 913-302-0660 or email us. We look forward to helping strengthen your concrete floors!

See how Polished Concrete floors compare to other types of flooring here. Click here for more Polished Concrete Benefits. Polishing shines floors to a smooth glass-like finish that looks like natural stone. Polished concrete is perfect for Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Institutional Floors: Warehouses, Restaurants, Manufacturing Facilities, Automotive Shops, Showroom Floors Tool and Die Shops and Garages

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