Resinous Flooring

Epoxy, Polyurethane Coatings & Logo Applications

Pro Concrete Design has teamed up with industry leaders in epoxies, polyurethanes; and graphic design and production. No matter what type of sealant is applied, you can be guaranteed that it will be only of the highest quality. No matter what size of project you may have, we are confident that the final sealant applied will adhere and maintain the level of performance required.

As one begins to venture into epoxy, polyurethane coatings, you find this field is endless in the different opportunities and variables that can be applied to the floor. Starting with a simple, but refined, one color application to the elegant decorative quartz with integrated coving or decorative acrylic flake.

The fear of adhesion failure is the primary concern for anyone whom is not properly educated in epoxy application. Unfortunately, many of us are all too often turned away and afraid of what can happen to an epoxy floor that has been improperly prepared. By using only the best methods of preparation, we at Pro Concrete Design have made sure that we have the ability to prepare any floor, no matter what the condition. Once a floor has been prepared properly, our professionals will install our industrial line of epoxies and urethanes that are guaranteed to adhere to the surface creating a beautiful floor that will last for years.

Pro Concrete Design is excited about the unlimited number of opportunities that decorative logos offer Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Contractors. We have the ability to install any image you can imagine onto many different types of floors. Whether it’s corporate logos for lobby entrances, fire stations, churches, dealership showrooms, schools/gymnasiums, or full-blown floor graphics for retail areas. Applying these high-end graphics to a floor, and creating a surface that will be slip-resistant requires a team of experienced professional installers.

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