Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is used to resolve a variety of concrete problems.

  • repairs uneven concrete surfaces on existing slabs including uneven joints between slabs that can be a tripping hazard
  • removes coatings including: carpet glue, tile, masonry, VCT, linoleum, old paint, adhesives and mastics or any other type of floor covering/coating
  • prepares concrete floor suface for new floor coverings (carpet, tile, etc.) or polished concrete surface
  • rectifies poor concrete installation
  • level uneven sidewalks and curbs
  • remove blemishes, uneven and rough areas on concrete floors

Benefits of Concrete Grinding

  • eliminates lawsuits due to tripping hazards
  • less expensive than concrete slab removal and replacement
  • quick repair time since you’re not repouring concrete

Grinding is the first step in concrete polishing, a method of concrete floor resurfacing that is extremely beneficial and actually strengthens the concrete surface. Find out more about concrete polishing here.

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