Resinous Flooring

Concrete Coloring and Staining

Acid Stains

Acid staining is a concrete coloring and staining process that causes a chemical reaction with any cement materials. It is extremely durable, fade resistant and can be applied to both interior and exterior areas. Acid stained interior floor surfaces are quickly replacing those areas where carpet used to be the norm.

An infinite number of stunning color effects and unique designs are possible. Acid staining gives your concrete a variegated, marble-like appearance at a fraction of the cost of real marble. 

Pigmented Stains

Pigmented stains will actually bond with your concrete and won’t fade, peel, or flake while they maintain their beautiful appearance for many years to come. Pigmented stain is an ideal finish designed to add deeply penetrating protection and enduring beauty to driveways, patios, walkways, and garage floors or any concrete surface. These concrete stains are highly resistant to abrasion and are available for exterior and interior surfaces.

You’ll be amazed at the unique colors that are possible with concrete staining!

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